Michelin Power Cyclocross Mud Tubular


Michelin Power Cyclocross Mud Tubular Tyre 700x33

The Michelin Power Cyclocross Mud Tyre features innovative designs to keep you in control in all conditions.

The Power Cyclocross Mud Tubular tyre has been formulated from a new mix of the Power All Season range, ensuring maximum grip on wet and dry surfaces. The tread pattern and tubular technology transmits pedalling power more efficiently in muddy terrain for a controlled grip. The tyre also features specially adapted cotton reinforcements for low pressure cycling on rugged terrain.

Speed - Small blocks on the tread pattern provide excellent tread strength and maximum speed.

Motricity & Grip - Improved transmission of pedalling power for controlled grip.

Robustness - Specially adapted reinforcements provide safe, low pressure cycle riding on all terrains.


  • Bead: Tubular.
  • Width: 33c.
  • Casing: 2x160tpi.
  • Valve Length: 52mm.
  • Weight: 380g.

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