450 Twist Kit

Fidlock Twist Bottle 450 Kit
Sometimes, smaller is just better. If your bike has a small frame, which does not offer any room for a conventional bike bottle, then the twist 450 is ideal. It can be mounted on the smallest frames because compared to the Twist bottle 600, it is a great space-saving option with its 450ml bottle. Paired with the innovative magnet-mechanical mounting system, which allows for the bottle to be twisted off the bike instead of being lifted upwards out of a cage, there is no frame this bottle system does not fit!
The bike bottle comes with a connector fitted with two magnets and an internal mechanic latching system. The two magnets find their counterpart magnets in the bike base automatically and guide the bottle into the right position. With an audible "click", the mechanic fixture comes into place to hold the bottle securely. To release the bottle, it only needs a simple clockwise twist. The bike base is mounted on the bike to the bottle braze-ons with two screws.
  • 450 ml volume
  • Perfect for small bike frames
  • Colour: transparent black
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free polypropylene
  • Fits all TWIST bases

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