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absoluteBLACK GRAPHENlube


GRAPHENlube – 5 Claimed Advantages

  • 5 Watt efficiency gain over 900 kilometres, in dry conditions
  • Extend the life of your drivetrain
  • Repels water and does not attract dirt 
  • Dry paste-like coating stays on the chain for up to 1800 kilometres in dry conditions
  • Does not contain harmful solvents

GRAPHENlube – The Development and Product

GRAPHENlube is a wax-based water emulsion with a special mix of high-purity graphene. It is liquid when you apply it, but becomes almost solid when it dries on the chain.

Wax-based lubricants show far greater tolerance to water and dirt contamination—successfully separating moving chain parts from abrasion and filling in all the imperfections on friction surfaces (see appendix).

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