Chain aid


Chain Aid

The KMC Chain Aid is the ultimate chain tool, featuring five different tools in one sleek and portable style.

The main role of the Chain Aid is as a chain latch which is accurate and incredibly simple to attach. It firmly hooks on to the chain, it's safe to disassemble and avoids dislocation. A clean and tidy solution for repairing chain drop. It also acts as a convenient MissingLink holder. A special groove embedded into the Chain Aid matches the shape of a MissingLink to keep the links secure and safe when you're out riding.

On one half of the tool there is a specially designed heart shaped cut out, this can be used as a valve core tool. Two Presta sizes are catered for (4mm & 5mm) and it provides an easy and safe solution for the removal and installation of valve core removal. Finally, the Chain Aid can be used as a tyre lever with a spoke hook on one side and a specifally designed tyre hook on the oppposite end to help lever the tyre off the rim.

Mutli-Function Chain Aid

  • Chain Latch
  • Repair Chain Drop
  • Tyre Lever
  • Valve Core Tool
  • Missing Link Storage

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