Juice Lubes

Juice Lube Disc Brake Cleaner


Brake Juice – For when you just cant stop!


We think you will agree that stopping when you want to is a good thing; and that anything that could make stopping more difficult is a bad thing. Get rid of the bad things by blasting your brakes and rotors with Brake Juice.


Brake Juice has a chlorine-free formulation that is designed to clean your disc’s and pads quickly and easily. It wont do any of the following:

  • Contaminate the pads and reduce their friction with the discs.
  • Cause that incredibly annoying squeaky brake syndrome which immediately gives it away to your mates when you brake on the easy bits that apparently no one else does. Been there done that taken the s*** for it…..
  • Harm the plastic rubber or paintwork on your bike.
  • Leave a residue.
  • 600ml

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