Men's Chammy Cream


Soothes & prevents chafing. Prevent & soothe damaging friction due to chaffing irritations before they begin. Eliminate soreness from skin rubbing on skin and skin on clothing. Superior protection from chaffing caused by tight clothes, shoes, sport equipment, or ordinary clothes rubbing against the skin. Non-staining and gentle blend of botanicals helps your skin heal itself by reducing continuous damage from chafing. Provides long-lasting comfort and relieve from blisters and painfully raw skin infection. Compatible with all natural and polypropylene fibers of sports clothing, natural and synthetic chamois and neoprene wet suits. Use this non-staining, non-sticking, non-greasy formula generously under dry and wet scuba, surfing, kayak suits, biking and running shorts or everyday clothes. Works great when applied under socks before use with running, hiking, hockey or ski boots. Apply directly and generously to all possible friction points.

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