Red Pad XT/XTR/Post Mount


Red pads

  • High friction pad for downhill riding
  • Handles more heat under heavy braking
  • Minimum heat transfer to hydraulics
  • Can be used on non hardened or hardened discs
  • This is a RESIN pad


For downhill use the RED grade has a higher heat threshold but has the added benefit of not overheating the brakes with excessive heat transfer which would cause softening of your brake lines. Lifetime must be evaluated, these pads are designed for a few descents only, check wear after every ride to avoid running out of brakes. Supplied with heavy duty retraction springs in spring based systems.


Full list of what these pads fit are below:

  • ALFINE BR-S700
  • ALFINE BR-S7000
  • DEORE BR-M6000
  • DEORE BR-M6100
  • DEORE BR-M6120
  • DEORE BR-M615
  • SLX BR-M666 SLX
  • SLX BR-M675 SLX
  • SLX BR-M7000
  • SLX BR-M7100
  • SLX BR-M7120
  • XT BR-M785
  • XT BR-M8000
  • XT BR-M8100
  • XT BR-M8120
  • XTR BR-M9000
  • XTR BR-M9020
  • XTR BR-M9120
  • XTR BR-M985 XTR
  • XTR BR-M987 XTR
  • ACERA BR-R315
  • ACERA BR-R317
  • TIAGRA BR-R515
  • TIAGRA BR-R517

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