Rotor Vegast Crank Arms Black


he Rotor VEGAST crank system for road bikes was developed along with Rotor ALDHU and shares the innovative and modular design. While the ALDHU is extremely lightweight, VEGAST scores with an excellent price/performance ratio and offers all other features of its brother. Without specialist knowledge and special tools, assembly is completed in minutes and changing the chainrings is just as easy. Thanks to the direct mount system, in which the rings are mounted directly on the axle without a spider, a standard Allen key is all you need. You can choose the revolutionary combination double chainring in one-piece design (chainring combination milled from one block) as well as single chainrings, both round design and oval Q rings with 12.5% ovality. Alternatively a direct mount spider can be used, which allows the traditional assembly of two chainrings with chainring screws and expands the options even further.
The direct mount system of Rotor VEGAST is the first crank system to offer exact adjustment of oval chainrings (OCP) in one-degree increments and hence unrivalled customization to personal requirements. This offers the best possible approach to reach optimal individual pedaling efficiency to the rider. The crank arms of VEGAST, which consist of particularly stiff 7055 aluminium alloy, are hollow-drilled and finished with the Trinity Drilling System patented by Rotor and offer an ideal stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Rotor VEGAST is perfectly suited for road cyclists who wish for a high-quality and light crank system without complications, with low maintenance and installation effort and the potential to improve pedalling efficiency. VEGAST is of course compatible with other road groupsets from Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo and offers a future-proof technology thanks to Direct Mount.


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