Vento Stabilita Carbon


A racing shoe that priotises foot stability through the use of a fully adjustable plantar support system, our Dynamic Arch Support 2.0, to adapt to an individual rider's anatomy for next-level performance. 



  • PU laminated mesh upper
  • 2 x BOA Li2 B dials closure
  • Full uni-directional carbon outsole, stiffness index 10
  • Weight 227g 
  • Sizes 36-48 


Dynamic Arch Support 2.0 - Every useful watt of power generated whilst cycling is transferred to the bike through the soles of the feet. When the plantar fascia is properly supported, the medial arch stiffens, allowing for efficient power transfer. Because of this, providing adjustable arch support is vital for both comfort and performance in a competitive cycling shoe.

Individually adjusted for fit with its own BOA dial, the Dynamic Arch Support 2.0 system is              fully integrated feature of fizik's new carbon outsoles with a dedicated portion of the shoe's            upper wrapping around the plantar arch for improved support while adapting to each rider's            unique foot shape. 


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